Monday, January 30, 2006

RevGals Procrastination Meme

1. Are you a procrastinator?

I am a recovering procrastinator. This means I do get most things done on time and I do start them at a reasonable time before they're due. I don't always stay diligent about completing the task at hand, and I often get distracted by other things I'd rather do, or need to do. I got my devotionals done on time, although I did the last one and a half today. I got stuck on how I wanted one of them to move and it needed to cook in my brain a bit longer.

I told you I was recovering.

2. If so, what is your favorite way to procrastinate? And what task are you most likely to put off?

a. Reading, knitting, blogging, cooking, knitting, sleeping, eating, knitting, reading, reading, reading...

b. Expense reports, cleaning, exercise, taxes, cleaning, bills, cleaning...

3. If not.... share your best time-management method.

Actually, I have something to offer, even though I'm still a work in progress: I do the hardest thing first thing in the morning before I can get distracted by other things. This implies correctly that I have a running list of stuff that needs to get done. It works reasonably well most of the time. Often it's a phone call I don't want to make.

Off to Greek class. BBL.

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see-through faith said...

loved this.

how's the Greek?