Friday, January 06, 2006

RevGal Household Items Friday Five

Thanks to Songbird and St. Casserole:

Things I love:

1) Bleach (and anything with bleach in it). Yes, I know it's very strong, but it disinfects, it kills mold, it whitens.

2) Swiffer. In a house with wood floors and two cats, it's remarkable how effective the swiffer is at getting up the reams of cat hair we seem to find every week.

3) Formula 409 with Orange Oil. Nothing better for the kitchen, including the stainless steel vent hood. It degreases like nobody's business.

4) Microfiber cloths. I particularly like them for washing windows with just water, no windex or anything.

One thing that isn't worth spit: Pledge with orange oil polishing cloths. The polish doesn't absorb into the wood. Regular old Guardsman seems to do the job much better.

Now do I use these things anywhere near as frequently as I should? I aim for once a week. I don't always succeed. I suspect once I get ordained, I won't have time for housework, so maybe I'll get a cleaning service then.

As part of my preparation for selling the house, I'm trying to de-clutter and organize little pieces of our lives. This morning, for about an hour, it was choral sheet music. I've sung in choral groups of varying sizes and abilities for forty years, so I have a lot of sheet music. I managed to organize a box full and toss a lot of illegally copied or otherwise yucky stuff. Small victories!

I normally do my house cleanup (or what FlyLady calls "House Blessing") on Saturday, but I've got a meet of the delegates to our diocesan council - the infamous pre-council meeting, and since the tree and the Santas all have to come down Saturday evening, I think the house will not be more than cursorily cleaned this week. it will be an accomplishment to get the needles from the pine swept up. Ah, well, so be it.

My heart is pure (mostly), even if my house isn't.

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