Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Almost Empty Nest

StrongOpinions leaves tomorrow for a month at her father's house. A chance for her to spend some time with him, I hope, and a chance for her to get some quality snowboarding time, as this will probably be the last year that she competes (she's nationally ranked). She was up at midnight doing laundry. It's a fact of life that she never does this stuff during ordinary waking hours. I suppose I should be happy that she's doing it at all, rather than expecting her mother to do it. Her room looks like a tornado hit it, but I am told it will be cleaned up before we take her to the airport tomorrow.

I took her to lunch today at a new restaurant her in the 'burbs that serves excellent vegetarian stuff as well as stuff for me. It was delicious, and the conversation was interesting as well. She's such a passionate and thoughtful person. I'm enjoying this evolving relationship - I am her mother, but she views me as a friend to whom she can talk as well.

It seems painful, then, to be seeing her off, this time for just a month, in a few months for college, just when the friendship is blossoming.

Some things don't change. I have to take care of Moses the gecko and take her beloved Saabie out for periodic drives while she's gone.

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