Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Counting the days

...until StrongOpinions and I head south to the Gulf Coast for our mission trip. I'm staging our stuff in Stonemason's bedroom. It now looks like the staging point for the Allied expeditionary Forces before D-Day in WWII. I think I'd better pare down the piles, given that we have lots of tools and other such equipment to fit in the truck as well. Now, will I be able to fit something yummy and chocolate to leave with St. Casserole?

StrongOpinions came home last night from North Country, having successfully qualified for the snowboarding nationals. She was, as usual, unhappy with her visit with her dad. I wish he'd listen to her instead of telling her his opinions about how she is. Sigh. I got an earful in the car on the drive down from the airport, but she calmed down considerably by the time we got home. hardest thing in the owrld to do is just to let her vent and not comment.

I'm ready to do some stuff with my hands instead of my head...

1 comment:

St. Casserole said...

Chocolate? Chocolate for me?
life is good....
Traveling mercies to you all as you come to the land of debris, FEMA trailers and po folks.