Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Colors

Pink - especially around the nose and eyes. I've got a cold, darn it. Rather than infecting the whole diocesan leadership team, I avoided going to an ordination. Better to stay home accumulating a pile of used Kleenex. Hoping the brunt of this will have passed before I have to drive out to Saint Middle School tomorrow morning.

Blue - because two persons whose work in ministry I really admire are leaving their churches for reasons that were not their fault. Some congregations are not appreciative of what they have, sad to say. I wish I could shrug and say that in each case, it was a bad fit (that does happen, despite the best efforts fo the Holy Spirit), but this is not so, and it makes me sad for them, for their congregations, and for the church.

Gray - skies overhead, but at least the rain seems to have stopped. And they're saying that it will be sunny and almost 70 degrees tomorrow. In mid-November, that seems wrong, but I'll take it.

Green - the lovely veggies that PH brought back from the Farmer's Market. Now if only I could have the energy to cook them!

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