Friday, November 06, 2009

Fridays Are No Longer Necessarily TGIF

Many thanks to those who offered words of sympathy and encouragement on the bad news about the call to the parish north of here. I am at peace with it and am looking ahead to what comes next, appreciating even more the blessing of my work at Saint Middle School.

Since my workweek now includes weekends, Fridays are no longer the herald to a break in the action of work. They now function as the herald to "is the sermon done yet?" "Is the educational program done yet?"

Normally, my answer to both questions would be yes. Obsessive-compulsive that I am, I like to get them done earlier in the week, and just tweak them if necessary as Friday approaches. This week, though, because of the intensity of the work last weekend and the distraction of the bad news, I'm running late. Both are not yet complete.

And for some strange reason, I'm very much at peace with that. This may be an indicator of relaxation into the role, it may be an indicator that I recognize that some weeks will be different than others.

In either case, I'm grateful knowing that the Holy Spirit will help me along.

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Rev Dr Mom said...

Fridays used to be my day off--actually I had Monday and Friday--and I miss it. Makes a looonnnng week Tuesday through Sunday!