Monday, November 23, 2009

Gray, Wet, but Positive Monday

Yes, it's cold and damp here, and the sky is pretty dark at 4:30, but I'm feeling good. My speaking voice is mostly back again, although I can't sing. Still a little hacking and sniffling, but I'm no longer taking cold meds, just vit C and echinacea. Definitely an improvement over last week!

I got errands done at the office supply store, the video store, and the dry cleaners, had a good lunch with a friend, and found some lovely roses for cheap at Costco where I went to get soap.

All good things, but the best part of the day was weighing myself and finding out I've lost some weight. Now to see if I can sustain the loss and maybe even lose a couple mroe pounds over the holidays.

I have several sermons to write for the next couple of very eventful weeks. Should be fun!


Lauralew said...

Losing weight is the one good side effect from illness. Glad you were able to get out and have fun today.

Rev Dr Mom said...

Losing weight during the holidays seems like an oxymoron! I'm just happy if I don't gain any!