Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy, happy, joy, joy

I'm out at The Mother Ship today, working with SuperParish Administrator to get our very complicated bulletin for Sunday put together and meeting with the parents of the children who will be baptized on Sunday. Since we don't use the Prayer Book and Hymnals because we meet in a Middle School auditorium, the entire service, soup to nuts, is in our bulletin. A big job, done largely by the wonderful guy who does the first draft, SuperParishAdministrator, and the Music Team Director. I simply make sure that no major liturgical gaffes occur.

I am beyond thrilled to be able to exercise my ministry by baptizing, and had great fun chatting with the two year old boy who is one of the candidates, so he gets used to me before the Big Moment. He said "I wanna be captized." Too adorable. Mom had done a great job preparing him for what is to happen, as much as anyone can prepare a two year old. I think I'm going to have Mom or Dad hold him while I baptize him, since he's big and wiggly. The other candidate, a 10-month old girl, I can manage on my own (I hope!).

With all the relatives who will be coming, our numbers may go over the 100 person mark, pretty remarkable for a holiday weekend. I'm hoping it will feel like an invitation for many of them to consider attending at St Middle School - it's certainly a family-friendly place.

The cold is mostly gone, but the singing voice is still among the missing, darn it. Hoping it will be back by Sunday!

StrongOpinions will be here tomorrow. She will retrieve her car (a 74 Datsun 280Z) since we haven't been able to sell it yet, and will drive it up to her father's for Thanksgiving. We'll have a night with her. This is not our year for the kids for Thanksgiving, but we'll see them later on.

Life is good. Whatever happens on the job front, I am truly blessed. I have a husband who loves me and shows me that every day, I have kids who have grown up to be interesting, morally centered people, I have grandbabies who define "cute," and I have a vocation to serve God in the church. Nothing to complain about!

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Lauralew said...

What a great post. I grinned as I read it. I'm glad you are my friend.