Tuesday, November 10, 2009


"When one door shuts, another opens."

Usually I hear that when something bad has happened, and it's usually job-related. It's intended to be a comfort, but sometimes it can feel like very cold comfort indeed. In that moment, I am stuck on the shut-door part and can't look toward the open-door part.

So it was an odd thing today when I started searching through the various databases where potential calls might be, and found something sorta interesting. I emailed the Diocesan Deployment Officer and said "what's the deal with this place? Should I enquire?"

And an hour later she had left a message on my phone saying, "Funny you sent me that email. I was just thinking last night that we should put your name in for that one. It must be the Holy Spirit!"

Whatever happens with this particular lead - and it is not the only one I am exploring right now - it helped move me from the shut-door to the open-door. And that's a very good thing. Nothing new can get past a closed door, after all.


AutumnJoy said...

Praying for a "perfect match" - you are both gift and gifted and a community will be blessed to have you!!

Rev Dr Mom said...

Hurrah for open doors!

romelover said...

excellent philosophy to hold! keeping you in our prayers!
c and d