Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Is It Tuesday Already? Is It Only Tuesday?

Today was a day with a long laundry list of things to do, including the annual mammosquish and the biennial bone density scan. I got everything on the list done except for one thing, and that was not a critical thing. The sermon is in the percolation phase and the adult ed program for Sunday is in my brain but will get on paper very soon.

I am trying to fill up my days because I am in Wait State, and as I said before, I don't do Wait State well.

On the other hand, I got some lovely sock yarn at my new favorite yarn store, and successfully avoided buying enough yarn for another Major Project, since I've got three queued up right now and heaven knows when they will be complete. My poor sister-in-law has been waiting for her sweater (2/3rds done now) for two years now. And the project for Strong Opinions (we thought about it a year ago) may now be out of style, so I may need to revisit that one. Remind me never to do major knitting projects on size 3 needles again, will you? Only chunky yarns on size 10-13 needles...

We are trying to sell StrongOpinions' car, a 1975 Datsun 280Z. A bit rusty but functional. It has been a slow process...we really need to get this thing sold before the registration expires at the end of the month. Sigh. Anyone want it? It's a really hot car, if you're sixty and balding on top but have a gray-white ponytail hanging down your back, and only the teensiest beer gut.

PH and I took a walk this morning to our polling place; it seems our votes were for naught and the reactionary will be our next governor. Since he sided with those who walked from our denomination and tryied to take the property with them (in contravention of our canons, which their clergy all signed on to when they were ordained), and since he believes women should stay home, barefoot and pregnant, we are not pleased. And the even more right-wing whackadoodle who is running for AG has also been elected, it seems. Damn.

So please say a pray for our poor Commonwealth, soon to be governed by Neanderthals, for PH and me, wondering where we will be and if I will ever be called somewhere permanent, and for all those who have much more necessary things to pray for than us.

On the upside, there is a gorgeous harvest moon in the sky, and the squirrels are really enjoying the pumpkin we set out for their dining pleasure. And we had a very nice dinner of pot roast and potatoes and salad, and now I'm going upstairs to knit and try to avoid watching election returns.

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Lauralew said...

Sorry to hear about your governor. Those types are the only ones who win in my sparsely populated state that was settled by people who do not play well with others, so you have my utmost sympathy and understanding. I have discovered that walking and walking and walking really helps.