Saturday, November 28, 2009

Back into the Light

No post yesterday, because we were without power. We had extraordinarily high winds, some driving rain, and the power went out in the early afternoon. Didn't come back on till midnight.

It reminded me how overly dependent I am on my electronic stuff, since the sermon was on this laptop, and I had no way of printing it out. Same with the Adult Ed stuff. I can't think of any elegant solution to this problem...had the power not come back on, I would have had to drive to the Mother Ship very early tomorrow morning with the laptop, and print the stuff out there. Maybe this means I should print a couple of the drafts as I go along, although I hate to waste the paper. Maybe I should start writing them longhand on legal pads. No, that's not going to happen.

Today is a gorgeous sunny day, brisk and beautiful. Still pretty windy. The Farmer's Market was still well-populated this morning and we now have a bounty of fruits and veg for the coming week.

One more week until ordination to the priesthood. Yes!


Lauralew said...

I wondered about you!

It is depressing on how we are dependent upon our electricity. Very high winds are normal out here where I am so towers, etc are built with that in mind. Very seldom do we lose our power.

Wish I could be there for your ordination--look forward to the photos!

Rev Dr Mom said...

I'll never forget the year I came home from diocesan convention to no power and a sermon to write. Of course all my notes were on the laptop--on which the Kid had been watching movies since the power was out. Had to write out notes long hand. Don't want to have to do it again that way!

How about emailing it to yourself, assuming that you have a computer at work where you can access it. That's what I generally do. (Of course, you have to do it before the power goes out!)