Sunday, July 12, 2009


It was a good Sunday. Small turnout at church, not surprising given that many of our folks are on vacation and away, but a new family with two adorable youngsters. Next week, we'll send out our teen missioners to REACH work camp.

The sermon was well-received, as was the Adult Forum (1st of a 3-part series on King David). The two little guys who were serving as junior acolytes - brothers - didn't wiggle too much, and since I didn't have a senior acolyte, I coached them through helping me set the table. They did very well indeed. Yay, A & D!

We are planning a memorial service for the son of one of our parishioners who died tragically at age 44 just a few weeks ago...what a privilege to get to preside at this, and what a challenge. As usual, the St Middle School folks stepped up, ready in a heartbeat to volunteer to do readings, to do music. They really are a marvelous parish, and our mother church, where we will do the service, is being helpful and supportive in many ways as well. It makes this newbie more confident that all will go well.

It's an interesting in-between time. I am hoping to hear whether or not I will be called by a nearby parish for a permanent position - I had thought I'd hear by Friday, but it didn't happen. In the meantime, another more distant church is sending a delegation to see me in action next Sunday (they are interested in me for a rectorship). Complicated. We'll see what the Spirit has in mind. Thank God PH is such a wonderfully supportive guy who will roll with the punches no matter what happens.

I've been busy with research work - interviews, transcriptions, that sort of thing. Difficult to plan out what the week is going to be like, what with various and sundry meetings, prep for the homily for the memorial service as well as the sermon and adult Forum for Sunday, vestry cookout and meeting Friday night. I'm glad to be busy, and glad to be earning something again. I've got to figure out how to organize the moving parts, particularly on a busy week like this.

Somewhere in here, I'd better find some Sabbath time other than the early morning perambulation.

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