Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Five: Exercise

A great Friday Five from Sophia:

"I just got back from an 8 mile bike ride down the beach boardwalk near our home, and was struck with the number of people out enjoying physical activity. Runners, other cyclists, surfers, swimmers, dogwalkers, little kids on scooters....It's easy to lose track of my physical self-care in the midst of flurried preparation for a final on-campus interview Monday for a college teaching position in the Midwest (prayers welcome!) and the family move that would accompany it. But each day that I do make time to walk or ride my bike it is such a stress reliever that it is well worth the time invested!

So how about you and your beautiful temple of the Holy Spirit?"

1. What was your favorite sport or outdoor activity as a child?

Reading in a lounge chair under a tree in my backyard. I was the least athletic child on earth. Now I'm the least athletic grownup on earth.

2. P.E. class--heaven or the other place?

More like Purgatory. I was trim then, and could do things like calisthenics with aplomb, but was awful at ball games and team sports.

3. What is your favorite form of exercise now?

Walking. We have a lovely nature trail near our house, and there is no pleasure like going along the trail in the early morning, seeing the mist on the creek and various birds and such.

4. Do you like to work out solo or with a partner?

Generally, alone with my iPod. I usually start with the podcast Morning Prayer, then some music or a lighter poscast. Occasionally I walk with PH, which is a joy, but I suspect it's not much of a workout for him, since he's a real diehard exerciser.

5. Inside or outside?

If the weather cooperates, outside. Otherwise, the NordicTrack or the weights inside.

Bonus: Post a poem, scripture passage, quotation, song, etc. regarding the body or exercise.

From our 2 Samuel reading this Sunday: David danced before the LORD with all his might! That's some kind of exercise!


Mary Beth said...

Ah, I knew you were my soul sister!

mibi52 said...

Twins separateed at birth!