Monday, July 13, 2009

Quasi-Sabbath Monday

I took a long lovely walk in the summer heat this morning. Thank goodness for the little neckband cooler, and the water bottle! Not much in the way of wildlife - even at that early hour, it seems much of the fauna were already hiding under cool leaves. The wisdom of the natural world!

I got the homily written for the memorial service that is scheduled for Saturday. I have some rough ideas for Sunday's sermon, but nothing close to coherence yet. I'm preaching on David wanting to make a house for the ark...I may do something on "what makes a home?" I should do some cleaning and organizing in the basement, since I've pledged to PH that I'll look at a box a day and see what can be discarded before our next move, which will either be local or long-distance, depending on where I'm called. In either case, moves are easier when you throw out the extraneous stuff BEFORE you move rather than after. I learned that lesson the hard way.

The diet is started (for the thousandth time). I've been walking regularly, and have transitioned back to a low-carb approach at the recommendation of my doctor. Two pounds thus far. Quite a few more to go. I am working at keeping the tempting foods out of the house (shortbread, Milano cookies, ice cream). If they're not there, I don't eat them. Simple as that. I was proud of my willpower yesterday - I drove right by that Wendy's on the way home from church without succumbing to the siren song of the Frosty and the Bacon Cheeseburger. I thought for a nanosecond about getting a large diet Coke, but it would have been way too tempting to get something to go with it. And diet soda is not very good for us, after all.

There are some folks I should call to set up appointments for the research project, some clothing I should iron, some straightening up I should do around the living room...but I think for it to be a Sabbath, I will turn away from "should" and look forward to the "could."

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