Monday, July 20, 2009

Sabbath Monday

...or at least I'm trying to keep Monday as a Sabbath day, with mixed success.

It was a good weekend. The memorial service went well. The family was grateful for the support of their church family and their son's friends, the eulogist was brief and moving, the homily was well-received, and I committed no major liturgical gaffes. It was interesting thing: since I have been doing much of the tasks that deacons are allowed to do for many months, this service (the first time I led such a liturgy as an ordained person) felt like I was finally, really a clergywoman in God's church. Thanks be to God!

The sermon on Sunday, which edged into challenging territory for some folks, also went well. People who are happy with D025 loved it, but there were a few unhappy faces in spots (folks who are somewhat more conservative in their theological leanings) one said anything afterwards, since the sermon was crafted to make the case for theological humility, but I know not everyone agreed. So be it. We will have an Adult Forum on the key resolutions (D025 and C056) in a few weeks, when we know more what the impact of the resolutions will be.

PH and I went to see the new Harry Potter on Sunday evening - an utter delight - and came home to a quiet supper and conversation.

StrongOpinions is adoring Paris (I was afraid of that!) but is running through her spending money a bit faster than she should. We had an e-talk about that today and it was good. Now we'll see if she really will modify her behavior as is necessary.

The tasks for the week ahead?
  • getting the new health insurance untangled, including get the scrip refilled for my MS meds, which are verrrrrry expensive indeed, but keep me fully functional.
  • cleaning the house, or at least approximating cleaning the house.
  • being with a parishioner who is having surgery early tomorrow morning.
  • making a few phone calls to set up appointments for the week, and doing some work on the research project.
  • starting to think about the sermon for the coming Sunday's Morning Prayer service (we are without a priest this week).
  • continuing to keep on the diet and to keep on the exercise regimen. I've lost 5 pounds thus far, and would like the trend to continue.
  • trying not to stress out about the permanent job situation; the exercise and prayer are helping on that front.

What's up for you this week?

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Mary Beth said...

TBTG is right!!

Yay on the 5 lbs.