Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday, Rainy Wednesday

The skies have opened. There are threats of tornadoes 50 miles away. I'm hoping that this storm system will expend all its energy before PH and I head up to Pittsburgh tomorrow morning.

Today was a busy day, made more busy by a communications failure with Saint Middle School's mother church. As I've mentioned before, the priests from that church rotate through to celebrate the Eucharist with us on Sundays, since, as a deacon, I cannot consecrate or bless. We knew a few weeks in advance that none of them would be available last Sunday, so we did Morning Prayer.

What we didn't know, and what we discovered this morning (after the bulletin was finished) was that they cannot support us in this way for three more weeks. Gack!

A shift to Morning Prayer wouldn't be so problematic if we knew in advance. Our bulletins contain every word of our services, since we meet in, well, a Middle School, and using the Prayer Book is not possible in that venue. So changing bulletins on the fly is not graceful.

So I scrounged around and found a supply priest to help out for the coming weeks. If this puts a fly in the ointment of convincing our bishop to let us do Deacon's Masses, so be it. It's more important to find a way to get the sacrament to the people.

Given that a search committee is coming to see me on Sunday, I hope it all goes well.

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