Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thursday Miscellany

I did almost ten hours of research work today. Several more hours of work await tomorrow. Pretty fried right now, but it pays well and I do enjoy it in an odd way.

Still waiting on word about a permanent call; hopefully I will hear something tomorrow. Prospective employers work on their own timetable, and my being anxious about it won't speed things up one whit, so I'll just chill out.

We've had a good friend as a houseguest for the past couple of days. She's staying in StrongOpinion's room; she made the terrible error of opening SO's closet...miraculous that she wasn't crushed by falling detritus. Good thing she's tough, and the mother of a college student herself. She understands, thank goodness.

SO is leaving for Paris in a week. I'm more than a little terrified, but she's visiting a friend who is fluent and has already been there for a couple of weeks and knows her way around. They don't teach about this stuff in Mother School. All of the madness of getting her passport renewed at the last minute worked out (for a fee) and she now has a lovely new passport that should last her for the next ten years.

I'm looking forward to dinner with our friends Pierre and Sophie on Friday night, icon-writing on Saturday, finishing my sermon and the adult ed class for this Sunday, and (most of all) sleeping. G'night, all!

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