Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Dots of Tuesday

It has been a busy day. I did the following:

  • Picked up the ordination certificate from the framers.

  • Had lunch with a friend, although not the friend that I intended to have lunch with. My date forgot about our meeting and another friend came in to have lunch there. Serendipity!

  • Scored a great pair of black slacks and a tunic dress from the Chico's sale.

  • Survived the masses at Costco.

  • Got a pedicure (pale pink for summer).

Okay, I'm ready for a nap now before I tackle some research project work and make supper for PH and me. I'm proud of myself that I didn't get any fattening treat while I was out!

P.S. Rant du jour: can someone please tell Gov Mark Sanford that he is only digging a deeper hole for himself and that it is time for him to hush his mouth?

1 comment:

Lauralew said...

I can't repeat what I said to Taciturn when I read the latest from the governor of South Carolina. It was decidedly non-Christian.

He needs to unload to a shrink, not a reporter, for crying out loud!