Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bad Blogger

Yes, I know I've neglected you, and I apologize.

Various and sundry things have been cooking and life has been verrrrrrry interesting. Mostly all job search stuff, and I can't talk about any of it yet, except to say that after the very long dry spell, I may end up with a couple of options to choose from. I had a delightful conversation with one of my bishops yesterday. We're fortunate to have three (the one that is retiring, the one that will replace him, and the suffragan, who focuses on mission churches and other creative stuff.) It was the suffragan with whom I met.

In the meantime, I am cleaning, filing, tossing, and working on my Spanish. I figure I'm bad at French and Italian, why not add a lack of facility in a third Romance language to my resume?

StrongOpinions is moving from the spicy Spanish Harlem neighborhood one subway stop away from her university all the way downtown and then some to Brooklyn, to a safer neighborhood where she has a lot of friends. It will make for a nasty commute to school, but I think overall it will be a better environment for her. After she gets settled in to the apartment, she will take a weeklong vacation in Paris. Her stepfather and I will most likely be car-camping in the Shenandoah, but the girlchild gets to go to Paris. Not that I'm jealous or anything....my mother had left her a small bequest just for things like this, so it's covered, and my mother took me there when I was 18, so I can understand her desire to be in the city of the flaneurs. She'll be staying with a friend who is doing a research project there. Ah, to be 21 and in Paris. Actually, I'd rather be my age (approaching crone-dom) and in Paris, but that will wait for another year.

My laptop, which died ignominiously on Friday, is back to life. New motherboard, new screen, new speaker, and functional wifi. A few weeks ago, when I shelled out the money I didn't have to extend the service contract for another two years, I ground my teeth and wondered if it was a waste of money. Now I am very, very glad that I did. It was much cheaper than a new computer. Boy, am I glad this happened now and not when I was in the midst of thesis madness.

God does seem to watch out for me, even when I forget that God does that all the time. Thanks be to God!

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