Monday, June 08, 2009

Monday. Wow.

I recovered from the ordination, the intensity of having eleven family members all here at the same time, the challenges of getting various people to various airports, a very full morning of serving as a deacon at my sponsoring parish - boy, being introduced as Rev. Mibi was an odd sensation - dealing with various and sundry little crises around the house.

So day before yesterday I got an email from a blogo-friend who is just headed to seminary, telling me about a part-time job at his church, and how he and his wife think I might consider applying for the job.

Now this is a job that has morphed from full to part-time over the past few months when the prior incumbent left. I've sent my stuff in there several times, as has the diocesan deployment officer, to no response.

But when my friend sent me that message, I thought this might be one of those Spirit-led moments, so I went ahead and sent a message to the rector, with my stuff. And he replied this morning asking me to come talk to him, and I ended up having a marvelous two-hour interview with him. He will pass me along to the personnel committee next (I just emailed them some audio files of sermons), and we will see what happens from there. I've got a good feeling about how things went, and the rector seems like a good mentor. The only funny moment was when he asked why I hadn't applied for the job earlier.

"Erm, I sent my resume and profile in three times already..."

"Did you hear back from us?"

"Uh, no, I didn't."

"Why do you think they didn't contact you?"

"I'm not really sure. Perhaps it's one of those wonderful surprises that God has for us..."

I mean, what else could I say?

All you can do sometimes is just smile.

Then I came home to find an invitation to apply for a rectorship a couple hours north of here.

We shall see how this all plays out, shan't we?


Rev Dr Mom said...

So the rector didn't have any thoughts about why you hadn't been contacted? Hmmm....

I hope this works out for you. If not, I know one (maybe two) churches up this way that will be looking for assistants, should you want to move to New England. Let me know.

Rev Dr Mom said...

Oh, wow, I skipped the last line about applying for the rector job. Good luck!

Lauralew said...

My advice, like you want it, is to listen to the RevDr.Mom. There are tons of positions in my diocese, and the new bishop elect is attractive, but I can't recommend living in SD.

The Holy Spirit will blow where it will, and you will end up where you are to end up. Amazing, isn't it?

mibi52 said...

RDM, I would be interested in coming up your way for the right job in the right place (aren't I the fussy one?). You know how to get a message to me if something pops there. Thanks so much!

As for the rector's job, the profile raises some questions, and of course I'm getting that old feeling of "any place that would be seeking me out must have problems or somebody good in their area would have been called." Ah, the things we do to ourselves. Was it Woody Allen or Groucho Marx who had the line about "I wouldn't want to be a member of any club that would let me join?"

Laura, darling, I love you dearly and wish we were closer, but your descriptions of blizzards this past winter pretty much decided me that SD isn't my place. And PH won't consider VT because of the cold, so the likelihood of him agreeing to SD is vary slim.

Mary Beth said...

God is great
God is good!!

Lauralew said...

Like I said, I do NOT recommend that anyone come here. This is not a progressive-friendly area. After all, in the presidential election Obama got less than 30% of the vote state wide. Run away! Quickly!

Cold or warm, the Holy Spirit will guide you and Doug where you are meant to be. That is the most exciting part, IMHO.