Thursday, June 18, 2009


In the past two days I've had four meetings related either directly or indirectly to employment. They've all been delightful, but a tad tiring. I have told my "call story" a couple of times, I've talked about my strengths and weaknesses ad infinitum, I've answered a zillion questions. I have another interview (phone interview) on Saturday morning, and am waiting to talk with the rector at the place I visited last night. It looks like I've got an interim gig that will start in a few weeks, so that makes it a bit less pressured, but I still have lots of questions about where the Lord will lead me. Tiring, indeed, not knowing.

And yet there is a certain pleasure in floating without a specific professional identity for a bit, while waiting for the Spirit to whisper in my ear. Free-floating possibilities. It is all good, even without firm answers. Imagination, fantasy, can work even in the religion business, maybe especially in the religion business.

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