Friday, December 18, 2009

Semi-frantic Friday

Not me, so much. Everything is queued up that can be queued up for Sunday and for Christmas Eve. Gifts are all mailed, food shopping is done. Mostly the house is clean and we've done all decorating that we're going to do for this year.

No, the problem is that there is a winter storm bearing down on Your Nation's Capital, due to begin after midnight tonight, and that brings out the crazy in the populace around here. Particularly when the weather forecasters talk anywhere from 8 to over 12 inches of accumulation.

I had an appointment first thing this morning. I swung by the supermarket to get some salt for our front step, since the management company isn't particularly efficient at cleaning walks and such. Long line of folks getting bread, milk, eggs, and toilet paper (diapers, too, if they have little ones). I went to the drugstore to pick up something for PH, and there were many folks there, as well, stocking up on everything under the sun.

Realistically, even if we had 18 inches of snow (pretty unlikely), the most we would all be stuck in our little cubbies would be maybe 36 hours.

That doesn't mean that we need to go all cowboy about this, though. I was supposed to drive down to the Capital of the Confederacy tomorrow morning for a job interview. The chair of the committee and I decided that it would be foolhardy to make a 95 mile drive down and then back again in the midst of what will be a bad snowstorm. I fully expect to make it out the 40 miles to Saint Middle School on Sunday morning, since the snow will stop late on Saturday, unless the custodian can't make it out to the school to open it up for us. Wouldn't that be ironic?

So the house is nice and warm, the snowboots have been located, the ice-melt stuff is by the front door, and there is ample food in the fridge.

I don't think they'll have to send out the St Bernards, do you?

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