Wednesday, December 02, 2009


A lot of unbloggable pastoral stuff going on. Pray for those who suffer and suffer again. Some unbloggable other stuff going on. Veni, Sancte Spiritus.

In a fit of excess energy, I finished Sunday's sermon this afternoon. Some of you know I am OCD about getting sermons done relatively early in the week. Of late, I hadn't been doing that - I usually got them done on Fridays. Today, it just flowed. A good thing, since the week is busy. Clericus way out in horse country tomorrow (please, Lord, let the rains end by then) and lecturing on Friday at Big Old Seminary on keeping sane through General Ordination Exams, while finishing the cleaning for the houseguests (can't wait to see you, C&L&A) and prepping for the Saturday night dinner party.

Menu for the dinner is roast pork loin stuffed with dried fruit, curry potatoes, and red cabbage. I'm thinking a tarte tatin for dessert, but I haven't completely settled on that yet. Cheese straws while we drink something aperitif-y. I don't think any Christmas decorating will be done, as much as I wish it were so. Just not enough hours in the day.

The funny part of all this doing of stuff is that it fed the sermon, all about the nesting instinct and preparation (both fun and not-so-fun) before something BIG happens. Not conscious at the time, but it sure does fit.

Some days it feels like we preach what we need to preach, y'know?