Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Yes, it is a new month, and I may not post every day as I did last month, but I'll keep you posted periodically.

I'm getting excited about the ordination on Sunday. There was another list of errands to be completed today, all of which went smoothly. Was it a function of the sunny day, as yesterday's litany of disasters might have been a function of rain, damp, gray, cold? Who knows?

I had a delightful time this afternoon with the small clergy group I belong to that does theological reflection on happenings in our ministries. Well, maybe delightful isn't the right word, since we usually bring challenges to talk about...maybe the word might be thoughtful, meaningful, helpful. This is such a wonderful group of friends and colleagues, and I learn every time I'm with them.

Tonight I finished preparing the prep session I'm doing on Friday for this year's seniors at Big Old Seminary - they will be taking their General Ordination Exams in January. They are, as we were, stressed and nervous and wondering what will happen. I am hoping to be helpful and calm them down a bit. They will do fine, I am sure.

Still chewing on the sermon for the coming Sunday and thanking God that one of my brilliant parishioners will be leading Adult Ed for the Advent season. Right now I'm swamped.

I'm grateful, though, for the work, and the family, and the friends, and the gift of vocation.

Net score today=1000.

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