Saturday, December 19, 2009

Proven Wrong - Not the First Time and Not the Last

Yesterday I said it was unlikely we'd have 18 inches of snow. We are now well over that, and still getting snow. My guess is that we'll end up with somewhere in the vicinity of 22-24 inches. No newspaper delivery, no mail delivery, not much activity around the townhouse complex. The Metrobus and Metro train system are shut down, and there is virtually no air traffic overhead.

We cancelled church for tomorrow, as did most of the churches in the greater DC area. One clergyperson opined as to how we were not living into our vocations as priests by cancelling our services. Easy to say if you've got your own church building, and a rectory right next store. Saint Middle School's public school venue is completely snowed in. They won't be plowing - they've cancelled classes for next week. The custodian isn't going in and so we couldn't even get into the building. Then, of course, there is the 40 mile commute for me to get out there. Somehow, I can't get terribly worried about whether I am fulfilling my call appropriately in this situation. Better that our parishioners stay home and safe while the professionals go about the work of clearing the roads, and may they all say a pray for those folks and the others who must work in this blizzard.

We will reconvene on Christmas Eve, and I will be glad none of them (including me) risked life and limb on Sunday morning.


Rev Dr Mom said...

I live right across the lawn from the church, and I still wondered if we should cancel. It just started snowing here, and i don't know how much we'll have by morning, but I'll be surprised if more than a handful show up.

And the fact that I can get there doesn't mean that it is safe for others to try... I think the vestry needs to discuss whether we should have some cancellation guidelines.

Mary Beth said...

You did the right thing. Of course. Was once stuck in ice storm trying to get to "Essential!" choir rehearsal before Lessons & Carols. After 2 hrs on road, having gone 2 miles, went back home.