Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Eve of the Eve

It's been a busy day.

One meeting with a parishioner in discernment, another with a couple who will renew their wedding vows in two weeks.

Work with Fabulous Parish Administrator to finalize Sunday's bulletin and announcements.

A jaunt over to Costco, where I spent an inordinate amount of money stocking up on staples, on the theory that if I get ten pounds worth of oatmeal, I will immediately get called to a position far away and it will seem ridiculous to transport the oatmeal. Like the "carrying an umbrella prevents rain" theory.

A quick stop to the Temple of Food, to see if they had any more nifty little bags of clementines. In the past, we have bought those wooden crates of them (in violation of our promise to eat locally as much as possible) because they are so very, very delicious, but we can never get through the whole box before they start to spoil. Thus, the arrival of the bags, which hold about half as many, was a boon. It's bad enough to feel guilty about buying a product which travels very far to get to us, but it's even worse when one ends up tossing a third of the box. Anything to reduce the guilt, you know. But no little bags, only the boxes, so I guess that's it for us for clementines for the year.

Home again, after a detour to the library to stock up on reading material.

Some people go to the supermarket to stock up on milk and bread and such when a storm is headed their way (we have some icy rain coming tomorrow morning). Some people do the same when a holiday is coming up and they fear they won't have access to a store.

I go to the library. Priorities, you know.

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Mary Beth said...

I'd rather have food than books.