Monday, December 21, 2009

Carb Coma

We have sort of dug ourselves out of the snow. The clean walk at left is the result of PH's hard work, not the management company, which seems to have done virtually no sidewalk cleaning at all. The side roads are rutty and icy, but main thoroughfares are clean as a whistle, thank goodness. I went out to run some errands this morning, and the supermarket was open but not very well-stocked. The library was not open, drat.

The afternoon was a delight. Twice a year, several friends from seminary meet for tea at the Ritz Carlton adjacent to a major shopping mall hard by Your Nation's Capital. Today was that day. One of our number was celebrating a birthday, which made it that much more festive. We had champagne, a number of little savory sandwiches, a scone, and several little extraordinarily rich sweet things. Plus tea, of course. Since I have been adhering to a diet centered on lots of veggies, some fruit, and some proteins, this was seriously off the diet, but what the heck. I'll fast tomorrow, or something.

The only challenge of the afternoon was the traffic. Gazillions of people had no work today because of the blizzard (AKA Snowpocalypse) and were going shopping to make up for the lost time over the weekend. Just taking the ramp off the highway took about a half hour, and finding a parking spot in the garage took some patience as well. I'm glad I budgeted some extra time, to find a little giftie for Wonderful Parish Administrator and a card for PH. I went into Sephora after tea and it was like the Filene's Basement Bridal Dress Sale - incredibly crowded, people elbowing each other as if the eyeshadow was 22 cents instead of 22 dollars. I had plans for the stocking stuffers, and managed to get them, but it was just a little crazy-wild there. Glad all the shopping is done now!

We were supposed to have staff luncheon tomorrow, but it will be postponed until after the holidays - several other more pressing things got in the way. I am feeling festive and glad that the prep work for the various services coming up is all done and my wonderful team of lay volunteers have much of the details under control. Praying for no further snow for a bit...we've had enough. Life is good, though - we are employed, health is holding, roof overhead, food in the frig, presents under the tree - and God has interesting things ahead for us in the coming year.
Now if only the cats weren't quite so interested in the ornaments on the Christmas tree...

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Mary Beth said...

I'm impressed with your veggy dedication and that you took a little break for this special event!

Stay warm!