Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowy Saturday

It is snowing here. It started about 8 this morning, and at this point we have maybe three inches out there. It will continue until nighttime, and may drop 6-8 inches in total. tomorrow will be clear...I'll touch base with Senior Warden to find out how the roads look later on. So far it doesn't look like we need to cancel church services tomorrow.

The sermon is written, but I haven't completed the Adult Forum...somehow I think if we do have church, we'll have maybe twelve people. Of course, I could be wrong, as I have been in the past about such things. Unless the roads are wickedly icy, I'll be there.

PH is down with a bug of some sort. He never gets sick, so this means he is cranky and hiding out in his office. I hope he snaps back soon.

We had Diocesan Council starting on Thursday night. It was a big deal, what with the formal installation of our diocesan bishop (the Presiding Bishop was there, of course) and it being the first council that the new bishop ran. It was looser, more humor...

An example: when it was clear that the weather forecast for the Capitol of the Confederacy was calling for a foot of snow, the bishop said "That's what happens when you're 13." He is the 13th bishop of our diocese. And shortly thereafter, the diocesan secretary referred to the snow removal plan in that city as "melting." wouldn't have happened during the tenure of the extremely businesslike predecessor bishop. the result of the impending snowstorm was that council was shortened by a day, with only the courtesy resolutions and one resolution pertaining to the budget being voted on. There will be another day of Council in another venue sometime in the next few weeks to finish up the work of the resolutions.

The upside of this (besides getting home ahead of the storm, not bad when it's a 9- mile drive) was that it reset folks' thinking about what happens at Council. The original schedule was essentially the same as it had been in prior years, including the infamous "beauty pageant" of senior seminarians - "aren't they lovely, ladies and gentleman? Please hire them!" - and some incredibly boring and unnecessary things that always took way too long. The new Bishop has said he wants to rethink Council - this natural event will help us all to do so, and that's a good thing.

So now I'll turn back to finishing off the soup I'm making and starting a loaf of bread for a good cold weather supper. And maybe the Adult Forum will get done (most likely) or not, but it will all be well.

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