Monday, January 04, 2010

A Place Apart

I'm off at the diocesan retreat center for a couple of days. A few dear friends are here as well - we stayed up way too late last night talking and sharing a bottle of wine. It is a delight to be somewhere quiet and undemanding. My schedule today has been to get up for breakfast, go work out, shower, go to 10:30 a.m. Eucharist at the newly built chapel here (just beautiful!), knit in front of the fire and think a bit, lunch with my friends plus some new friends, now back to the room to read and meditate, and maybe take a nap. Dinner and compline tonight, more reading and resting.

Our diocese offers time here for clergy - a couple of days for free - twice a year. What a gift! It has taken me a full day to step away from the feeling of obligation to do work stuff and just be present to God. It's reminding me once again how important this kind of respite is.


Rev Dr Mom said...

That is a wonderful gift from your diocese. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

(with a sigh) do they offer it for spouses too?

glad you all get it though! that's ALMOST as good.

mibi52 said...

I believe spouses can come too. There was one couple here, and another priest said she brought her husband a few years ago.

Mary Beth said...

A gift indeed! Happy New year.