Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cold and Tired but Good

Random dots of today:
  • small congregation, due to the cold and post-holiday fatigue, I think but some returning new folks, which is lovely
  • great response to the sermon, probably better than it deserved, but I am grateful it spoke to some folks
  • great response to the first in the epiphany adult ed series. Sometimes you get on a roll, you know?
  • dash over to the Mother Ship for a meeting with the wonderful family that is donating land upon which Saint Middle School will eventually build a church building
  • a 2 1/2 hour meeting full of prayer and laughter and a few tears and many sacred moments, and having a lawyer in the room who has a deep spiritual core helped move us across some slippery icy spots with grace
  • a too-fast drive home to take StrongOpinions to the bus stop downtown to head back to the Big Apple....
  • which would have been perfect had said bus not driven right past the appointed bus stop
  • dinner with SO and PH at home, thrown together quickly because I had just run out of gas with no Sunday afternoon nap.

She will leave tomorrow morning. It will not be the bus that takes her to within three blocks of her apartment - that only comes once a day. She will have to take the three subways to get home from midtown, but will survive.

I think most of tomorrow (after I get SO to the bus stop) will be consumed with sleep and gentle reading. And I think I shall head upstairs and put on the pajamas and pretend to read three pages while I doze off.

God is good.

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