Thursday, January 07, 2010


I know from addictions - I grew up among them. I've been diligent in avoiding that kind of self-destructive behavior, except for food when I'm on steroids - then all bets are off.

That said, there remains one kind of addictive behavior that I'm helpless to fight...

...yarns and patterns for my knitting stash.

It makes no difference that I have three different projects going at once right now.

It makes no difference that I have two or three others waiting in the wings.

It makes no difference that this stuff costs money that I shouldn't spend right now.

When I see something like this, I really, really want to buy it:

This is a kit from Sweden, and it costs a bunch of euros, and it is only with the most DILIGENT SELF-CONTROL that I have avoided ordering it. However, if I get a call to a permanent position, I may well celebrate by getting it. Heaven only knows when it will get done, if I do get it. But dang, isn't it gorgeous?


Lorraine said...

Absolutely! and this post is very appropriate because I just did some cleaning in my bedroom and "sorted" (as my British friends would say) the following knitting projects, all half-done: two shawls (one for me, one for the shawl ministry at church), one fuzzy scarf, one sock (my small project to take to meetings), two kitchen cloths (because that lovely cotton yarn was on sale and someone had just given me a book of patterns). Oh and a cross-stich thing -- coasters in a Native American design, that I bought when I was in Santa Fe. Two years ago! oy... :)

mibi52 said...

I'm working on a Meg Swanson red and black vest in a Navajo pattern, a Dale of Norway sweater for my S-I-L that has been languishing, a pair of grey socks, and I just promised PH I'd make him a new knit cap that better matches his winter parka than his old hat. In the closet is wool and pattern for a cable sweater for StrongOpinions, plus more sock yarn. Of course, I can stop anytime I want...