Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Back to the Real World

The retreat was brief but lovely. The picture above is the newly constructed chapel, built to honor our recently retired bishop. Exquisitely done. I covet it for my little mission parish, once we finally get the land issues sorted out. It's too small for us - it's currently set up to seat 80 - but the design is so spare but uplifting, and being able to see out into the world, where Christ calls us to be his hands and feet, is a good thing. If we could have this design, about half again as large, it would be so great. We'll see what God has in mind for our little place.

Leaving the retreat center, I trekked north from the Capital of the Confederacy. After a meander around the neighborhood of a parish where I interviewed last week, I got on the road, and decided to hop off Rt 95 and get on meandering Rt 1 for part of it. It is always so interesting to do that - to see where new homes are being built and the market they are targeting, to see different ethnic markets along the way juxtaposed with the ubiquitous Mickey D's and Burger Ding. A little frustrating with all the traffic lights, but still interesting, and probably less likely to kill me than competing with the 85 mph semis and souped up cars on the highway.

Anyway, back to the real world. I finally got my H1N1 vaccination, didsome grocery shopping, and came home to sort through a zillion emails and cook supper. Life is good. A retreat really is a good thing.

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