Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Good Sunday

Despite miserable rain, it has been a good day thus far.

PH and I got out to St Middle School a bit early. It was to be a slightly different service than usual, with the renewal of marriage vows after the Nicene Creed, and we were also expecting some guests, members of a search committee coming to see me in action.

Miracles abounded.

The trailer with all our set-up stuff arrived quite promptly. The most experienced set-up folks for all the pieces of the Church In A Box were there, and got everything going beautifully and quickly. The choir were rehearsing and sounded good. The out-of-towners arrived, having found my directions easy to follow. My senior acolyte was an adult and was excellent. My junior acolyte was the least fidgety, most attentive child on the planet (she is an old soul, and I love her dearly) and did beautifully. The sermon was well-received. Our numbers were a little low because of the weather and the MLK holiday weekend, but not too bad. The renewal of vows was moving for all and the Eucharist was, as always, balm for the soul for me - I hope it had the same effect on others.

Coffee time was full of laughter and traditional British wedding fruitcake, plus a carrot cake for those for whom fruitcake is anathema, and the Adult Forum was just what I'd hoped it would be.

Lunch with the visitors went well, I think, and we came away from it feeling quite good.

Now, though, it is time for a nap. Thanks be to God!

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