Friday, January 02, 2009

Friday Blessings

I had a massage today. It was a lovely, almost-on-the-edge-of-painful thorough massage that left me feeling a whole heck of a lot more relaxed than I expected. PH and I gave each other a massage package (we get three sessions each) as our Christmas present to each other - we decided we didn't want anything we'd have to pack when I graduate in May. After the major housecleaning I did yesterday, it was particularly necessary. I wish I could afford to get one a week.

The house is clean. Funny thing - when you clean the house, you have a clean house. Somehow I had never made that connection before. Either that, or I've just not cleaned house often enough in these past 2 1/2 years.

Chico's was having their post-Christmas sale, so I went to take a look. How it differed from their pre-Christmas sale, I don't know, but I was glad I went. Found a pair of $100 dressy grey slacks for $29. Best of all, they actually fit and look flattering. Mirabile dictu. I restrained myself from further retail exploits, but it didn't look like many of the other folks in that shopping area were. Lots of shopping bags on the arms of folks going by me on the street. Maybe it's just Old Town, but people were spending money.

The scale was kind this morning - down two pounds. Now if I can only do that twenty more times, I'll be skinny again. But then the new pants won't fit. Sigh.

Thursday's sermon is written, but the one for the following Sunday is still just a bunch of disjointed notes. I normally wouldn't worry about it, but since this week is GOEs, and my brain will be jello each night, I'd really rather get the thing to a further state of completion this weekend. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not.

My friend L and I went to dinner (actually just appetizers) at a favorite Indian restaurant, then saw "Slumdog Millionaire." Marvelous, but some scenes were too hard to watch. Picture "Trainspotting" crossed with "Mississippi Masala" crossed with "The Namesake," with a little Bollywood thrown in, and you'll get a sense of it. There are a couple of sermons in it, for sure.

Tomorrow is a silent day. That's a true blessing. Prayer, reading, a pot of tea. This is good.

And now, to bed...


Lauralew said...

I noticed that the local mall where I am visiting (Columbia, MO) was packed on Wed. Don't know how much people were spending, but you couldn't have proved a recession by me.

Enjoy your silent retreat today.

Maggie said...

The new pants can always be taken in!