Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In Recovery

...from taking StrongOpinions to the train station early this morning. She had gone out last evening to spend some time with local friends ("Oh, no, I'm not staying out late, because we have to get up early tomorrow.") Famous last words. She rolled home in the wee hours of the morning. To her credit, she got up promptly in time to get to the train station, although there was some whinging in the car on the way. Then we discovered they didn't have checked baggage service on that train, so we had to find a Redcap to help with her two ginormous bags. Got her onto the train with only minor fretfulness (she doesn't do this kind of transition well, and is still unhappy with her father and half-brothers for not driving her to The Big Apple). So she got to NYC at noon, to discover that her soon-to-be roommate hadn't picked up the keys, that the property manager was out of the office, and what to do, what to do. Finally got a hold of the property manager, who met her and her two friends who are camping out with her for two days at the new place, and she is safely settled in. Even the AeroBed is inflated.

All of this drama just wears me out (and I'm a little peeved with her father and half-brothers as well, but there is nothing to be done about it). I had offered to drive her there (four hours in each direction), but it is just as well this played out as it did. Hopefully she won't do anything overwhelmingly stupid tonight; I'm hoping she'll be too tired.

All I know is that I'm certain I won't be up at midnight!

Anyhow, tonight's menu for PH and me is lobster, a green salad, roasted potatoes with rosemary and sea salt, and a half-bottle of sparkling wine.

PH is leaving for Windy City to visit his family for a few days while I do a silent at-home retreat (bliss) in preparation for GOEs. The sermon is written for next Thursday evening, and I've gotten some ideas sketched out for the sermon for the following Sunday. I figure I'll be useless for sermonating next week.
For all of you dear friends in the blogosphere, have a lovely New Years' Eve and a blessed New Year. I'll check in with you in 2009.


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cheesehead said...

A lovely evening and a blessed new year to you too!

Lauralew said...

You have a big year coming up which starts off with a bang! Blessings to you!

Rev Dr Mom said...

Happy New Year, and best wishes for GOEs.