Friday, January 09, 2009


I finished the last GOE question at around noon today. It was a rather interesting Church History one looking at the founding of the Episcopal Church in America and at the Colenso controversy in South Africa in the mid-1800's and how the issues in both situations might inform our current disputes relating to Anglican identity.

Frankly, I had never heard of Bishop John Colenso of Natal before reading the question, but it turned out to be an interesting little controversy, and I think I did adequately on the question. It did feel good, though, to click on the "submit" button and have it done.

After almost a year of anxious build-up to the General Ordination Exams, it feels rather odd to be done. It will be several weeks until we get the scores, but at this moment, I care not a whit about what someone else thinks of them. I'm just grateful to be done.

Tomorrow I've got a one-day vestry retreat (at my house - how did that happen?). Somewhere in there I've got to finish the sermon for Sunday. I doubt it will be one of my best, but it will be something or other. Then I'm leading the adult forum (topic: could you pass GOE's?) and meeting with the LifeCare team on our plan of action. No rest for the weary.

But tonight I will be taken out to dinner by my dear darling PH, and will enjoy it completely and utterly!


Towanda said...

congrats!! now get some rest!

Mary Beth said...


Great topic for Sunday school class.