Monday, January 05, 2009

GOE Report

We had our first two sections of the General Ordination Exams today. Two three-and-a-half hour sessions, the fruit of which was to be a three-page (single-spaced) essay for each section.

The first question was on Scripture, and it was a four-part question on covenant. The only resources allowed were an annotated study bible and the Book of Common Prayer. I felt quite good about the essay I wrote, but heaven only knows if there is something mysterious that I missed in the question.

The second question was in the category Theology/Missiology, and actually turned out to be focused on Missiology, and on missio dei. I think I did an okay job, although the answer didn't feel quite as well argued as the morning's question. At least I referenced a bunch of the big names, including Karl Barth, Richard Hooker, David Bosch, Lesslie Newbigin, and the Episcopal Standing Commision on World Mission.

...and God. Yes, I did reference Scripture. Always a good thing, I'd say.

We had a lovely evening Eucharist, very quiet and soothing to the soul, and then I got to go home and e-sign paperwork for a student loan for StrongOpinions. That brought me back to earth. That and the beef stew. Good comfort food for this week!

Tomorrow morning is Contemporary Society, which is really a wild card. I'm hoping it's not too bad, but we will see. The afternoon is Liturgy, which is a strong area for me, although you never know what they'll ask. I'll be very glad when tomorrow is over, and I will be past the halfway point. What an endurance contest this thing is!

Talk to you tomorrow!


Rev Dr Mom said...

Yeah, you never know what they're going to ask! I'm glad the first day went well though.

You'll be done soon and GOEs will become a distant memory! (Hard for me to believe that it's been four whole years since my own GOEs).

Towanda said...

You can do it, Mibi!!

Sophia said...

We're getting through it! Systematic theology is my worst subject, so this afternoon was a bit of a struggle. This morning felt like a gift. I opened the question and got so excited - I knew I could do covenant! I really enjoyed working with the texts and writing about how it impacts Christians today. I feel like I'm more comfortable with the limited resource questions. The open questions make me freak out about what I may or may not have in my library or whether I'm using too many or not enough sources.

Tonight we had dessert with a dear middler friend and his partner. I felt so grounded and relaxing being around them and not soaking up the stress from some of my really stressed out classmates. I may even sleep through the night tonight! :-)

All the best on day 2. You are all still in my prayers from here in the Big Apple.