Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Working

...the prayers, the support. I'm getting stronger, slowly, every day.

Today is the last day of classes before exams and spring break. Given the busy Holy Week schedule, that's a good thing. We can do what we need to do in both arenas, school and Field Ed, while not being overwhelmed. Even for me, who will be playing catch-up on writing and exams, this is manageable, and is a blessing.

I'm participating over the next couple of days on a review committee for one of our profs who is being considered for full professorship. Keep the members of this committee, made up of students, faculty, administration and an outside consultant, in your prayers, that we do the work that honors the gifts of this prof and that recognizes the shifting needs of this seminary.

Driving out to Saint Middle School tonight for a rehearsal for our Tuesday night Tenebrae Service. It will be my first time back among them since I got sick, and it feels so good to be doing that.

Are you ready for the week ahead?

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