Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Getting Things Done

Two exams completed today: Church History (online) and Theology of Mission (oral final). I think I did adequately. That'll do for me these days. One more exam to go - Christian Ethics.

Two papers to write over the next seven days: Lutheran Pietism and its Radical View of Lay Religious Education, and Themes of Mission and Grace in the Hymnody of the Wesleys. Ten pages each. That's do-able, despite all the Field Ed work that lies ahead.

I sang the praise-music Tenebrae Service this evening at Saint Middle School. Forty miles out there in rush hour traffic. Gack. Yes, I know Tenebrae is normally done on Wednesday of Holy Week, but this was when the space was available to us. Tomorrow evening is a break, then services on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. I am so glad I don't have classes the rest of the week.

It feels good to know that I'm getting caught up, slowly. It also feels good to know that I'm managing this at a reasonable pace and not pushing myself to exhaustion. Yes, I can knock out a ten-page paper in a day if I really go full bore, but the quality of the paper isn't as good, and it would take me a couple of days to recover. This plan seems much wiser.

Things have slowed way down in the Fat Club world, but that is no surprise. The good news is that I've started some gentle exercise, so that may move things along a bit. It sure would be nice to drop another ten pounds. Heck, it sure would be nice to drop another five. It'll happen. It'll just take time.


Lorraine said...

Glad things are looking better for you. Do you get a "reading week" at Big Old Seminary? Not-So-Big Seminary gives us one in the fall but not in the spring. So we get Holy Week as our "break". uh-huh, some "break", when most of us are working in churches plus our own kids are home from school (at least in this county).

I'm interested in the paper you're writing on the music of the Wesleys. Since Not-So-Big is Methodist I do hear a lot about that. lol... if you need resources come on over to our library, I'm sure there are stacks and stacks full of books about it.

I'm preaching on Thursday, reading on Friday, and liturgist on Sunday. And trying to catch up on pages and pages and pages of reading. Barth's Systematics in Outline for Tuesday. etc... sigh..

My Fat Club weigh-in is today. Mine has slowed down too, but still moving in the right direction.

I really should get my own blog instead of using your comments section.... heehee.... but, it's the only way I have to chat with you and I'm happy to "meet" a fellow-seminarian from this area, especially one from another school.

Anyway -- continue with that cat therapy and rest as much as you can. I'm glad you seem to be recovering well. =))

mibi52 said...

Actually, Lorraine, I was amazed at the amount of resources on Wesleys that we had in our library. I could, of course, come on across the river, but I'd need a visa for that, wouldn't I?

Sounds like you've got a busy schedule. I don't envy you Barth. I've got some Systematics lectures that missed when I was sick - got 'em on tape, but somehow I just can't get the energy together to listen and take notes...

Lorraine said...

Well, I hear there's a proposal afoot to put a toll on all our bridges. That's kind of like a visa. (however, I don't think it will ever happen, at least not without a long, loud debate.)

Good news from my Fat Club weigh-in. woot! =))