Tuesday, March 25, 2008


All the work for the incompletes is done. I turned in the paper for Theology of Mission this morning. Then I went shopping for some stationery, got some yarn to knit a stole for a friend, went to lunch at L's house, and came home to relax, watch some "Balllykissangel," do some time on the elliptical and look forward to going out of town with PH for the rest of the week.

Feeling good...

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Lorraine said...

woot! so glad you got caught up. Is this your spring break? If so, I am SO jealous. Ours was last week. Some "break", eh? With most of us working in churches we hardly had any time to do school work. I am far behind in my reading. In fact at this point we're just trying to decide what readings to give up on, and what's important.

Well, enjoy your week away.