Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blah, but Maybe Moving Towards Ah

The praise music Tenebrae went well, and I was glad to have helped out in the soprano section. No, I didn't like the music, but it was sung well, and was heartfelt, and we had a good bunch of parishioners who seemed genuinely touched by it, so it was worth the 80 miles' drive roundtrip. The truly interesting service will be the sunrise Easter Sunday one - we will do it out on the land that has been donated for our church, when we can afford to build it. I'm wearing my rubber boots to deal with the mud, then changing into less hardy gear for the 10 a.m. service...although the rubber boots may go back on for the Easter Egg Hunt.

I'm having a hard time getting moving on the two papers I have to write. I don't know whether I can blame it on residual tiredness from the illness of a few weeks ago or not, but I would just like to sit down and churn out the darned thing, plus the other paper that needs finishing (actually, it needs starting, to be accurate). I've got until April 15th for both of them, but I'd like to get them done a) before the fourth quarter starts; and b) before we leave for Norfolk next Wednesday. Enough whining, though...

My advisor called early this morning to read me the draft of my Middler Evaluation letter. Big Old Seminary is required to send an annual letter to my bishop advising how I am doing. The one for the junior year is pro forma - basically "doing the right stuff and learning and all that" unless one is doing something illegal, immoral, or unethical. The Middler one is a big deal, since it precedes our interviews with our Commission on Ministry for candidacy for ordination. So when she called, I wondered what would be included. It was actually quite lovely, saying all sorts of nice things just short of "she walks on water," which would of course have been innaccurate. I doggy-paddle. Anyway, nice to get that affirmation from the advisor. The Middler eval committee may wordsmith it a bit, so it will be interesting to see what the final looks like. I guess I'd better do a good job on these wayward papers that are due - I'd hate to have my profs think that they said all those nice things in the letter and they weren't really true.

Enough procrastination. Time for lunch. (Wait - is that procrastinating?)

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Mary Beth said...

Awesome about the letter!!!

Yuck to the music. I don't mind praise music, but I sure don't see it for a Tenebrae service.

Just closed minded, I guess. :)