Friday, September 28, 2007

My Friday Sabbath

  • Going to small group worship. Friends, prayer, music, talk.

  • Cleaning my house in anticipation of BFF and her husband coming to dinner. Not actually the WHOLE house, you know, just the main floor. No need to get all crazy or anything.

  • Getting massive quantities of reading done and behind me for Homiletics class first thing Monday morning.

  • Finishing my Homiletics homework, and reviewing my paper proposal for Systematics.

  • Doing two loads of wash.

  • Loading twenty more CDs on the Ipod.

  • Going to the Delhi grocery store to get some stuff for our Indian dinner tonight. I love going to this store, which has clothing, food, Bollywood videos, Indian music, and Afghani soda pop. You don't need a visa to go there, just a Visa.

Believe it or not, this was pretty restful!

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