Monday, October 01, 2007

Random Dots...

  • Tonight was convocation dinner for Big Old Seminary's Classes of 1952 and 1957, who are here for their big reunions. Delightful folks.

  • I was part of the entertainment - we sang some popular songs from those years. I excused myself to go home to do homework after the dinner, saying I had a date with Athanasius. One of my tablemates mused that they had not been required to read Athanasius when they were in seminary, just a description of his work and importance.

  • They also weren't required to study a Biblical language.

  • Is it wrong to be jealous of a bunch of guys in their 70's?

  • Ah, well, it made me look like quite the scholar to them, bless them. And Athanasius ain't so bad...surprisingly, I actually get the whole logos thing and enjoy it immensely. I think I'm a closet Greek.

  • Tomorrow we've got classes in the morning and early afternoon, then convocation lectures and such for the next two days. It will bollix up the schedule of classes something fierce, but somehow it's good to get a change of perspective for a couple of days.

  • It's also good to see recent alums whom I know back on campus. The big alum celeb is newly elected Bishop Sean Rowe, who at 32 is the youngest of the Episcopal Bishops. Gee whiz, I'm old...I've got a kid older than that.

(For more about Sean, see here:


David said...

My father (VTS'77) is here from NH for Convocation. It was good to join him at Morning Prayer today. Don't recall last time I was in the chapel. Perhaps before Rev. Dr. Bill Stafford left VTS for Sewanee. Enjoy the Alumni/Alumnae!

Sophia said...

hey, we're in the middle of all that alum stuff too... and this will be the second time the class schedules got crazy (the Tutu center opening conference took over the class schedule for a week!)

I like Athanasius too; we read his life of St. Antony in Patristics last year.

I am so proud of the 32 year old bishop... perhaps b/c I am the same age!