Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to School

We started today, with many administrative things plus one class. We also had a debriefing/spiritual reflection on CPE, which was more helpful than I expected.

Our prof for Systematics is in Europe giving a paper on Barth (her specialty), so our new dean gave us our first lecture. He's a very entertaining and challenging lecturer. I'm going to make sure I can take a course with him before I'm done with seminary.

It's good to be back amongst friends. We seem to have crossed some sort of boundary this summer. People are more caring and genuinely interested in each other.

It's also good to be back amongst my co-religionists. I can do the ecumenical thing, and I respect and appreciate the richness of other traditions, but this place and these traditions are the ones that I cherish. Having Morning Prayer this morning and Compline at the end of the day was such joy.

A week from now, when I'm bogged down with readings and the sermons I need to write, I may feel less blissful, but for now I'm enjoying it tremendously.


Cathy said...

Going back to "home" and being with the rhythms of MP and compline with your community - just doesn't get any better.

Sophia said...

As you read on my blog, I feel pretty much the way about the start of the new term. I'm glad to be back! And yes, systematics is going to drive me crazy too. Sometimes I just look at the professor and shake my head. He tries SO hard to help us understand, but sometimes we just don't get it.