Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Random Dots

  • Saturday is full of dots - the bullet points on my to-do list.

  • I did go to the Farmer's Market this morning with PH (he didn't ride a gazillion miles on his bicycle for change) and get the last sweet corn of the season, the last peaches of the season, the first apples of the season, the first winter squash of the season, and fresh-made mozzarella. Buying local feels good and tastes good.

  • Of course, we had the corn for dinner this evening with shrimp that probably came from Vietnam. So much for buying local.

  • Icon-writing today was fun. Saint Matthew is almost done, maybe one or two more sessions and he'll be done. An angel is next in the queue (an eventual present for my Field Ed church). we did some work on finishing an icon of Saint Gabriel that was started by a dear friend who died recently, much too soon, of pancreatic cancer. We are not finishing the face and hands, which were a few layers short of completion, so the personality of the angel is what came from my friend's hands. I did the lettering of the name of the angel, another friend did the gold overlay on the wings and the robe, and our teacher corrected our mistakes. Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose. We've got to do the halo and the border, then the teacher will varnish it and we can give it to the family of our friend. The teacher was very chatty, for some reason, which was delightful, except going from Russian to English doesn't always make for the most coherent sentences, and we have to work hard to understand each other.

  • I prepped for the senior high Sunday school at Saint Middle School for tomorrow. Nervous, because the kids are really a mixed bag, but I like the curriculum (Holy Hogwash - what people think the Bible says vs what it REALLY says) and we'll be talking about whether Christians are allowed to be angry.

  • One more week until I preach. PH is preaching tomorrow at another church, but I don't get to hear him, because of Field Ed. The following week I preach, and he will come. Yay! I need his support and wise critique.

  • Not enough time to do all the reading for Monday's classes. Again, plus ca change, plus ca meme chose. I'll get enough read so I don't embarrass myself unduly.

  • Antiwar demonstration and liturgy across from the White House tomorrow evening. A few of us from the seminary are going there tomorrow for it. Almost forty years ago, I did the same sort of thing when the Vietnam War was at its height. Sad that we have to do it again.

  • Assorted little paperwork chores. Gack. Middler evaluations, field ed work-learning agreement, stuff and more stuff. Bad enough to have papers coming at me quickly, without this kind of busywork. Of course, here I am blogging instead of doing it, so I suppose I should hush now.

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Cathy said...

I would love to see your icons and I wish I had the opportunity to learn to write them.