Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday Morning

and the skies are still pretty dark, so my light-sensor window candles are still lit. There's something about candles in a window (even electric ones) on an Advent Sunday morning. And the BBC is playing British soccer scores on the radio.

Today is our Lessons and Carols service. I'll be conducting. The choir will sing a couple of hymns from the green Oxford Carol Book (A Great and Mighty Wonder and Coventry Carol) as well As John Tavener's The Lamb and a lovely setting of Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head. Assorted other carols. It's a lovely Advent gift, being able to conduct the choir for this service. The Tavener will be a bit dicey. I love it, but my choir is intimidated by it. Ah well, as long as we end the cadence together, we should be OK.

The last few nights have been Christmas party after Christmas party. I think I'd like some quiet time today, but instead we're having our assistant priest from Kenya over for lunch (I'm cooking Indian food, yum) and then a Red and Greens party at church - eating a chili potluck then hanging the greens in the nave and on the altar.

Who needs quiet time, anyway?

1 comment:

St. Casserole said...

What a lovely day!
I wish I could hear the music you'll hear today.
Blessings to you!