Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Camel Blogging

This one is of yours truly in the blue shirt and straw hat, with new camel friends in the desert. The humans are my sister in law and my father in law. We had taken a wild ride into the desert to the inland sea, which is on the Qatar-Saudi Arabia border. After driving 50 miles out from Doha, Qatar's capital, our SUV drivers (yes, they still drive SUVs in the Gulf, where gas is 80 cents a gallon) came to the end of the paved road, lowered the tire pressure to 10 psi (!) and we drove over the sand dunes, sometimes at what seemed a very precarious angle, up and down to the sea. We met up with these camels, who looked rather surprised to see us in their habitat, as we were driving over to our picnic barbecue on the beach.

We must have been rather boring to the camels, who decided, fearless creatures that they are, to just walk by the cars as we got back in.

More on our trip to come in future posts - I'm still pretty jet-lagged and missing home-made hummus and tabbouleh.

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St. Casserole said...

You beat us all! We do not have camel pictures!~ cute hat and cute you! Thanks for showing us the world way far from here...