Thursday, December 08, 2005

Seven-Year-Old Wisdom from my Niece

Linnea was in the back of the car and burst into song, with lyrics about the “music of the night”. Isn’t that from Phantom of the Opera? Anyway, her mom asked her where she’d heard that and she said it was on Beethoven’s Wig(A kid's CD with lyrics set to classical music). Apparently there is a line like that in Eine Kleine Nacht Musik . Her dad told her that song originally was written with no words and it was a German song. She said, “Then they excavated it into English.”

Friday her class went to hear the symphony. Her mom asked her what her favorite instrument was. She said the brass. So mom said, “which brass”? She said, the kettle drums. Sorry honey, that would be the coppers. She said she wished her mom been one of the "sheperdones" on the trip like the other mothers. I think she’s on to something there! Her mother said, "I can just imagine myself with a crook keeping 10 2nd graders in line, or better yet, circling the flock and nipping at heels".

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