Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Our lady human is annoyed with us. She doesn't understand that, when faced with an enormous tree sitting right in the corner of the living room, we cats will be tempted. Very tempted.

Other cats may be tempted by the ribbons. Other cats may be tempted by the ornaments.

We simply like to climb the tree.

The male human (Mia's pet) has foiled our efforts to conquer (knock down) this tree with a very sturdy, wide-based tree stand. The lady human (giver of all good food and Spooky's pet)tries to distract us from our mission with treats. The girl human (she who got a GECKO, ferhevvinssake) plays too rough with us. We like that sometimes, but only when WE choose it.

Foolish humans! Don't they know it's in our nature to conquer trees? Besides, when we're up the tree and look out the window at the birds at the feeder, we can fantasize about capturing the woodpeckers and the goldfinches and the cardinals and the mourning doves and even the sparrows, although they don't taste as good...

We were probably Druids in a past life. We have nine of them, you know. Lives, that is.

Guest bloggers Mia (pantera tigris) and Spooky (pantera pantera)
They who Rule the House

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St. Casserole said...

Dear Spooky and Mia:
I'm glad you are addressing this topic. What's with a tree inside the house if not to climb? You can bat the stuff on it with your paws and knock it off. A problem? We think not.
We hope you get lots of toys for Christmas.
Whistle and Fish