Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Five Facts

I'm a little slow to the party here, but since Leslee tagged ALL of us, herewith are five facts about me:

1) I was adopted at the age of four months - a Christmas surprise to my parents, who had just about given up on ever getting a baby. I was actually supposed to go to another family, but got creatively redirected.

2) I used to have a part-time catering business, and still will do wedding cakes for special friends.

3) I survived a run for statewide political office with my finances and my scruples intact.

4) I learned to knit at the age of eight from the British companion of a friend of the family; my first projects were Barbie doll clothes.

5) I have a master's degree in orchestral conducting; I occasionally sub for our choir director, but haven't conducted an instrumental ensemble in a zillion years.

Rather disjointed, eh?

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Love your 5 facts - a master's in conducting??? wow - my bachelor's is in music therapy!